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Alternative solution for birdcage scaffolding - Granby Gardens

The development of Granby Gardens, Wiltshire, consisted of 181 units to be completed within a 2.5-year period. The challenge of this project came from having to meet a rigid deadline, with construction already delayed due to an extremely wet and stormy start to the year. The pressure was on to try and meet the tight time scale and complete the first phase within the necessary timeframe.

Foreman Homes approached STS Access Systems, looking for a time-saving method for providing height access for their site team. STS advised that Sayfa Group's RhinoDeck System would be the ideal solution to replace the current birdcage scaffold system.

RhinoDeck provides a quick and effective means of height access thanks to its freestanding and toolless design. The system can be rapidly assembled with two workers on average able to erect 50m2 per hour. As an alternative to birdcage scaffolding, the RhinoDeck system provided immense time saving on both the installation and removal of the working platform. This saving aided the successful delivery of the overall build.

The benefit of the decking system was well received by the Foreman Homes team. The Senior QS, Will Rose saying "RhinoDeck brings both speed and flexibility to the project. I can't imagine housebuilding without it".

If you would like to learn more about the time-saving and flexible RhinoDeck system, then get in touch. Either via email: or call on +44 1509 509 273.

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