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Easy to install Trestle system

This is a comprehensive system for the perimeter it features, stairs, ladders, guardrails , gates, varying platform widths and platform heights of 1000m 1500 and 2000mm.


With 11m x 1.28m walkway assembling in as little as 20 minutes and fitting to a single pallet it is suitable for many temporary applications. The trestle system can be used for a number of applications such as painting, plastering or general access to areas of height across a perimeter.

rhino access.jpg
Platform Heights

Platform heights from 1000mm to 1500mm and 2000mm for safe and easy access.

Product Warranty

RhinoDeck Trestle has 5 Year Warranty and 10 Year Design Life - it has a significant life cycle cost-benefit.


Up to 600kg / m2 (more with LoadPoint) giving confidence to users and improving efficiency when working at height

Key features of the RhinoDeck Trestle system

  • Fast to install, anyone with System Training and CITB Bluecard CSCS training available

  • Loadable with materials (bricks/blocks) up to 600kg per m2.

  • All ancillaries to enable proper access and egress.

  • Improved safety, proprietary system, one point of responsibility.

  • Multiple platform height, less risk of falls, collapse or accidental damage.

  • 5 Year Warranty and 10 Design Life - it has a significant life cycle cost-benefit.

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