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A free-standing, quick to install platform for safety, portability and durability. RhinoDeck™ can use be used to safely work at height in areas such as low level construction, industrial access and more.

RhinoDeck is an innovative and flexible work, load and access platform system that allows safe working at height.

With its modular design, RhinoDeck can be set up quickly to reach a working height of 5.5 metres.

RhinoDeck is a completely free-standing system that doesn’t require external support and when combined with handrail, gates and ladder attachments it can become an effective crash deck, trestle or load platform.

Rhino can easily be installed by a team of 2 at a rate of 50m2 per hour.

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RhinoDeck™ is made from zinc coated mild steel which gives the system good strength and durability.

Quick to install

Set up in no time due to the modular design and 'easy fit' tool free installation and self-locking design system


Up to 6kn / m2 (more with Loading Bay) giving confidence to users and improving efficiency when working at height

Why RhinoDeck?

Rhino adds more versatility with the 2 systems - Original and Loading bay. All systems have a modular design and share components - which reduces cost when buying multiple systems.

RhinoDeck is 4x faster to install compared to traditional systems - and you can be qualified to install within 1 day. This gives RhinoDeck a huge advantage in the current labour environment.

RhinoDeck reduces install time and provides greater cost savings and efficiencies whilst improving safety on site.

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