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Simple, Fast and Effective

RhinoDeck Original was first developed in the early 2000's. With just a few refinements it remains simple, fast and effective. It is typically referred to as crash or impact decking however it is now most commonly associated with term load out decking.


They system not only acts as a fall prevention, but also enables filled programs to be accelerated by loading materials. please refer to our operating manual for material configurations. With rhino deck load point packs of bricks or blocks can also be framed into place.

One strength of RhinoDeck, its assembly method which enables you to create a full frame before the installation is finished with the heavier panels. These panels then simply drop into place rather than any awkward orientation or positioning. Any infill or make up panels identify the step in safety yellow.

RhinoDeck Original.jpg
Platform Heights

Platform heights from 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm - For a lift up to 4000mm.

Product Warranty

RhinoDeck Original has 5 Year Warranty and 10 Year Design Life - it has a significant life cycle cost-benefit.


Up to 600kg / m2 (more with LoadPoint) giving confidence to users and improving efficiency when working at height

Key features of the RhinoDeck Original work at height platform

  • Fast to install, anyone with System Training and CITB Bluecard CSCS training available.

  • Loadable with materials (bricks/blocks) up to 600kg per m2

  • RhinoDeck LoadPoint provides a point to crane full packs of bricks or blocks

  • Improved safety, proprietary system, one point of responsibility.

  • Multiple platform height, less risk of falls, collapse or accidental damage.

  • 5 Year Warranty and 10 Year Design Life - it has a significant life cycle cost-benefit.

  • It is also fully recyclable, providing cost recovery on disposal and contributing to green objectives.

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