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RhinoDeck Training & CSCS Card

From early 2017 the CSCS card issued by FASET has been able to carry an endorsement that the holder is authorised to install decking systems as used in the construction industry. RhinoDeck is covered by this training scheme, which though not obligatory will likely become regarded as good practice and a possible pre-requisite for the installation of RhinoDeck and other decking systems.

How it Works:

Trainer Qualification

The trainer first has to complete a PTTLLS course in order to demonstrate training competence. Following this he has to undergo both a FASET course and the training course from the manufacturer to ensure that he has a full grasp of all the necessary practical and safety elements of all decking types covered by the relevant CSCS card. At that point he becomes an accredited trainer.

Operator qualification

The operator will undergo a one day course that will cover both the core decking system training as well as a full practical session. On satisfactory completion of the course the operator will be issued with the relevant CSCS card.

Inspector qualification.

FASET are also developing an inspector’s course which will be designed as a recognised qualification to allow for a seven day inspection of the system.


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