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Rhino and Sayfa Group

You may have noticed our logo change from blue to yellow - as we combine with the Sayfa Group brand to create a range of innovative height safety and access products all in one place.

Sayfa Group design and manufacture height safety and access products such as Davit Arms, Roof Safety Lines and Guard rail. Rhino and AirDeck join together as product brands providing low level height safety and access solutions to complete a wide range of height safety solution for every level.

From the first floor to the top, Sayfa Group have a solution for safe working at height.

A fall from any height can have serious consequences. Sayfa’s objective is to use our expertise to help you protect and safeguard your people on site. Join us on our journey in leading change within the industry to make 'everyone Sayfa'. In light of these changes the legal business name 'RhinoDeck ltd' will now be changed to 'Sayfa Group (Europe) Ltd'. Making business transactions easier for customers buying one or more of our products from Sayfa Group, RhinoDeck or AirDeck.


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