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Linear working platform

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RhinoDeck Linear Working Platform Hire

A safer and easier alternative to trestles and internal scaffolding.

Due to being 100% free standing Rhino Deck can be used as a linear working platform for multiple internal applications such as internal block work.  This is a much safer, quicker and lightweight alternative to the traditional bricklayers trestle.

Why use RhinoDeck?

  • Quick to Deploy - RhinoDeck is quick and easy to install - tested in real world setting to be much quicker than traditional systems. RhinoDeck can be installed at approximately 50 sqm / hour with just 2 workmen.

  • Free-standing - RhinoDeck is a free-standing system which doesn't require external support. This not only makes the system more practical in use also improves efficiency as it isn't reliant on other factors.

  • Tool Free Installation - The modular 'easy-fit' design of the RhinoDeck system allows a quicker and safer tool free installation. Everything slots into place like lego.

  • Loadable - One of the key additional benefits over plastic systems is the load-ability of the platform. It creates a safer cleaner workspace, and work is more efficient with resources available nearby.

  • Modular - Modular design makes RhinoDeck a flexible system, you can install it easily around or inside the structure, use as many or as little panels as required.

  • Lightweight -  Hollow steel posts are strong yet lightweight, and all RhinoDeck components are designed to be easy to carry, install and remove. At 18kg/m2 Rhino Deck is a substantially lighter and easier to handle than traditional trestles.

  • Better for the planet - Compared to plastic systems in use Rhino is much more durable and lasts longer, reducing waste, and unlike plastic, steel can simply be reused at the end of its cycle. 

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