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RhinoDeck selected for Alyth substation major energy infrastructure project

The new £86 million substation will form a key part of SSEN Transmission's reinforcement of the East Coast transmission network, helping to support the connection of new renewable generation in the north of Scotland to the grid, enabling clean energy to be taken from where it is generated to be stored for when it is needed.

Siemens Energy was keen to adopt a Working Platform system and the flexibility of RhinoDeck was a key reason for the selection of the product. With multiple buildings of varying construction and a variety of plants, RhinoDeck can be used as a free-standing working platform or as a trestle system complete with ladders, handrails, etc.

Sayfa Group was delighted to be a small part of this project, which is set to deliver significant biodiversity net gain. Alyth substation will include thousands of trees being planted and wildflowers seeded on site, with a resident osprey nest success.

As part of RhinoDeck scope video link training was provided by our Faset Trainer, Lee Muggleton. RhinoDeck is steel construction with a bright zinc and/or polyester powder coating finish. Platform heights of 500, 1000, 1500, 1800, 2000, 3000, and 4000mm can be achieved.

RhinoDeck is fully recyclable with 5 Year Warranty and 10 Design Life.


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