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Multiple configurations flexible design - Harley’s Place

Persimmon Homes, one of the UK's leading house builders, made RhinoDeck their system of choice for a housing development in Fleckney, Leicestershire. The Harley's Place development of 290 homes consists of a variety of 2, 3, 4, & 5 bedroom plots. The site team utilised 2m RhinoDeck configurations for general bricklaying and installation of floors and roof trusses.

With a rating of up to 600kg/m2 on the standard RhinoDeck platform, concrete floors were craned from the lorry straight into the final position. The load-bearing capabilities of RhinoDeck, enhanced the speed and simplicity of the process, which improved the work efficiency of the site team.

The flexible design of the RhinoDeck system allows for easy coverage of any house plan and layout. The freestanding system conforms to any plan without any compromise the surrounding structure..

“The system is very straightforward to install, and it enabled us to get on with the various bricklaying, floor, and roof truss work much more efficiently and most importantly, safely. It addressed unusual roof profiles quickly and effectively with an intricate pattern of decking.” Nigel Nuttall, Site Manager, Persimmon Homes.

RhinoDeck can be constructed around whatever obstacles, irregularities, or building profiles are present, without any need for pre-assembly design activity. A particular feature of this development was the existence of a number of different roof shapes, but RhinoDeck coped comfortably well with these challenges.

If you would like to learn more about the time-saving and flexible RhinoDeck system, then get in touch. Either via email: call on +44 1509 509 273.


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