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Flexible and durable Load Deck - Crossleas Housing Development

Updated: May 5, 2023

Major house-builder, Galliford Try, utilise RhinoDeck on a number of their large scale housing developments. Recently RhinoDeck featured on the Crossleas Housing development in Durham. The RhinoDeck system provided their site team with a flexible and durable height access solution. The distinct design of the RhinoDeck system worked to accommodate the intense time pressures caused by a tight deadline and constant frequent rainfall on the project.

"The use of Rhino Load Deck has benefitted our efficiency and has brought increased flexibility to our work programme" Paul Thompson, Site Manager, Galliford Try

The existing plastic system had limited their workflow in certain areas; with the complex design, it needed to be installed and moved by a specialist who was not always on hand. Additionally, the plastic system was unable to bare some of the more significant loads that were required.

On this site RhinoDeck was used to provide access for the installation of joists and roof trusses. In this project, the integral handrail was an excellent feature providing great safety benefits. The site team used the RhinoDeck LoadPoint system to accommodate larger loads up to 1800kg/m2. RhinoDeck also provided training to enable the workers to dismantle, move, and re-assemble the system themselves allowing for fresh flexibility in the works programme.

If you would like to learn more about the time saving and flexible RhinoDeck system, then get in touch. Either via email: call on +44 1509 509 273.


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