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Efficiency of using RhinoDeck LoadPoint at construction

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

RhinoDeck LoadPoint makes large construction projects such as care homes, low-rise flats, and student accommodations more efficient.

LoadPoint improves productivity during installation. The bay can hold up to 1800kg per m2 which is three times more than the original platform. This benefits those large projects to lift up all the bricks and blocks with a crane/fork lifting at once to the final destination.

Besides, in a large construction area, having multiple LoadPoint platforms will speed up the construction process which reduces the time moving around the materials on the platforms and save the cost of manual labour.

All RhinoDeck products are fully recyclable and have a 10 years warranty which builds cost and long-term efficiency and reliability as well.

Overall, RhinoDeck LoadPoint saves time during construction, making large projects go smoothly which increases efficiency and reduces labour costs.


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