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Case Study: Medical Centre Build

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The West Bridgford Medical Centre was a project undertaken by G F Tomlinson in the South Nottingham Area. The building has three levels comprising of the undercroft, ground floor & first floor.

The overall development area extends to 2576sqm. The main elements of the construction are piled foundations, structural steel framework, in-situ concrete floors brick and render cladding.

Why RhinoDeck?

RhinoDeck was used to assist with the installation of the roof trusses – providing a stable platform for access, loading and installation. The buildings steel structure and the fact that it was without walls at the time of install mean a rigid, free-standing system was required.

RhinoDeck's lightweight structure and speed of install were key factors. RhinoDeck weighs significantly less than an equivalent traditional scaffold solution at only 20kgs/m2 the total weight of the RhinoDeck system to cover the entire area, weighs only 8.5 tonnes in all as opposed to an estimated 30 tonnes plus for a scaffold based system.

The speed of install meant that 425m2 of RhinoDeck was dismantled, moved from one side of the site to the other and reinstalled in good time, with no disruption to the build progress on site.

The on site training of our own workforce meant that we could install and move the RhinoDeck to exactly match our needs, which added flexibility to our build program and saved a lot of time. Not only did the speed of installation of the RhinoDeck mean that the roof installation was kept on schedule, but once finished the whole system was easily and quickly removed by palletising in situ and lifting to the ground.” Site Manager, West Bridgford Medical Centre


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